Session and Speaker Preview: Andrew M. Seaman, Landmines: Navigating the Ethical Traps of Long-form Nonfiction

andrew-m-seamanAndrew M. Seaman is the ethics chair for the Society of Professional Journalists and the senior medical journalist for Reuters in New York City. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post and USA Today. Andrew is joining us at HippoCamp 2016 to present Landmines: Navigating the Ethical Traps of Long-form Nonfiction. He told us what excited him most about the conference this August.

Hippocampus: Please share with us a golden nugget that you hope attendees will take away from your talk that isn’t found on the program description.

Andrew: One of the big themes I push is that investing in sound reporting – especially with long form projects – creates value and acts as insurance. Really, sound reporting and research is an investment in your future.

Tell us who would benefit most from your session. 

Anyone working on long form nonfiction projects should be able to walk away from my session with a useful toolkit of strategies. Sound research and reporting is the cornerstone of quality nonfiction. One inaccurate statement can discredit an entire piece, and ruin years of work.

What is your best advice for those attending a writing conference, whether it’s for newbies or veterans? 

Don’t try to scribble down every word coming out of the presenters’ mouths. Otherwise, you’ll miss great nuggets and tips. Work on getting down the highlights. Then, you can get a copy of the slides to fill in the holes.

Aside from speaking, what you are most looking forward to about being part of the HippoCamp? 

I love hearing about what people are working on. Also, I enjoy hearing how people find their works.

What’s on your personal conference agenda? Perhaps share with us a session/event you don’t want to miss.

Nicole Frail is one of my closest and dearest friends. She is also one of the hardest working people in publishing. Our professional paths rarely cross, and I’m very excited to hear her speak.

What are you most looking forward to about visiting Lancaster?

As a native Pennsylvanian living in New York City, coming back to rural parts of the state is like being hugged by an old friend. Also, I’m looking forward to stocking up on real artisanal goods – not that hipster stuff from Brooklyn.


Whether you’re from the city or the country, we’re looking forward to welcoming you to HippoCamp 2016! August will be here before you know it, so register today.