Session and Speaker Preview: Nicole Frail, Agents & Editors Panel & Adding a Practical Element flash session

nicole-frail-hudson riverNicole Frail is back! Our attendees are in for a treat because they’ll hear from the Skyhorse editor twice, possibly three times. Nicole is part of this year’s flash session line-up, where she’ll present on how to add a practical element to your book idea. She’ll also share her wisdom on our Agents & Editors panel. Finally, she’s part of our optional post-conference pitch session.

We talked with Nicole about all of the excitement:

Hippo: What is your best advice for those attending a writing conference, whether it’s for newbies or veterans?

During at least one session or break, sit next to someone you don’t know. Start a conversation and see if you hit it off. If so, exchange business cards or promotional material. You may have just met your future freelance editor, agent, critique partner, or you may have simply made a new friend who knows exactly what you’re working toward and going through. This is a great way to get to know more members of our community on a personal basis.

Aside from speaking, what you are most looking forward to about being part of the HippoCamp?

I’m looking forward to the 1-on-1 sessions at the end of the conference. I love these types of meetings; writers are so enthusiastic about their work in this stage and so receptive to feedback. I enjoy being able to offer one little idea and see them process it in front of me and consider how to incorporate it into what they have done so far. It’s so great to be able to see that process in person instead of behind a computer or at a desk.

What’s on your personal conference agenda?

I’m looking forward to hearing what Amy Fish and Christoph Paul have to say in “How to be Funny in Creative Nonfiction.” Everyone has their own sense of humor, and I’d love to hear their suggestions on incorporating it into the writing.

What are you most looking forward to about visiting Lancaster?

We [Skyhorse] released Phyllis Good’s twenty-fifth anniversary edition of Lancaster Central Market Cookbook this past year and I’d love to actually go to the market. We had car trouble last year and missed an entire day in town and couldn’t get there. So, fingers crossed!

Nicole, we’re crossing our fingers for you. But we also won’t mind if you get stranded in Lancaster; there’s so much we can show you! We’re so happy to welcome you back for another year.