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Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons/Syahmir

Getting ready for Hippocamp? We’re only a few weeks away from our 2nd annual creative nonfiction extravaganza. But if you’re like us, you can’t really wait to get started. To hold us over until the conference, we’ve been looking through back issues of Hippocampus Magazine to find pieces written by this year’s presenters. We wanted to share some of our favorites.

Drift off to sleep with Amye Archer and her daughters in Bed Time. After the kids are asleep, you can read her account of The First Time, which probably is best kept away from the young ones, anyway.

But maybe you’re feeling a little blue and you’d rather read Secrets of the Suddenly Single by Joanne M. Lozar Glenn. If you’re looking for something a little more weighty, Glenn’s My Mother’s Ghost will do the trick.

You can get in touch with your equestrian side with The Amazing Technicolor Horse Dream by Lisa Romeo, or survey items from a complex paternal relationship in Going Through Your Things/Superhero.

Want something vivid and vibrant? Paint a Self-Portrait with Hayli Cox.

Or search for Sand Dollars with Wendy Fontaine.

In Object Lessons, Carol Smith asks what you would take with you if you had to flee your home.

Lynn Hall shows us that in our darkest moments Blue is the Color of Hope. While in Mumbai, the color of mourning is white, according to Allison Williams, who wears a violet Punjabi dress in How to Attend an Indian Funeral.

You can search for Missing Memories and Underpants with Jules Barrueco.  Or meet Bitty the bat in Jeanine Pfeiffer’s Until We Have Loved.

We hope these fantastic and varied pieces will prepare you to meet our presenters and panelists at HippoCamp 2016. Register today and make your plans to join us in Lancaster this August!


  1. Debra Eder says:

    For those of you who are considering registering for HippoCamp16– I participated in the inaugural conference & was inspired to continue writing. The resulting essay, Cristina’s World, a blind submission, was published in this month’s theme issue, “Firsts.” Speakers & attendees, the setting will be warm and welcoming. Say “Hello” at HippoCamp16!
    Debra L. Eder

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