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Session Recap: Point of View in Memoir as Presented by Kaylie Jones

Reflection by Amye Archer   Point of view is one of the most challenging elements of memoir. Whose story are you telling and from whose perspective? Is it your story? If so, then how do you handle the characterization of other people in your story? These are questions every budding, and established, memoirist faces when […]

HippoCamp 2016 Session Recap: Writing Creatively With Science

by Amy Fish Seventeen Lessons Learned from “Writing Creatively With Science” (Jeanine Pfeiffer) 1.    Abalone are sea snails. 2.    When writing about science, you can use a non-scientific story to draw your reader in. 3.    There is at least one Native American story about abalone. 4.    There are excellent essays about science in the New […]

HippoCamp 2016 Session Recap: Ashley C. Ford Opening Keynote

by Emilie Haertsch @iSmashFizzle holding the audience at #hippocamp16 on her every word. — Dave Pidgeon (@PidgeonsEyeView) August 12, 2016 Writer Ashley C. Ford took the podium on Friday night in a red sweatshirt, declaring, “If Mark Zuckerberg can wear a hoodie so can I,” thus setting the tone for her rock-star creative nonfiction […]

HippoCamp 2016 Session Recap: Content Marketing for Writers

by Emilie Haertsch   Why should creative nonfiction writers embrace content marketing? It enables us to tell and share great stories, which is really what we are all about, as JPL senior copywriter Kelly Kautz pointed out at her August 13 session “Content Marketing for Writers.” It starts with setting content goals – both SMART […]

HippoCamp 2016 Session Recap: Agents and Editors Panel

by Melissa Walker | @heydaycoaching The agents and editors panel was one of the highlights of Hippocamp 2016. A panel of accomplished agents and editors offered up advice for all of us aspiring to publication (pretty much everyone in the audience). Donna Talarico moderated the panel, and the panelists included: Laura Apperson, narrative non-fiction/adult fiction […]