Lightning Round: Flash Sessions

Think flash essays, but in person. Seven to eight presenters grace the stage and share their knowledge in brief, five-to-seven minute talks; it’s like PechaKucha.

Lightning Round Talk Overviews

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The Dos and Don'ts of Query Letters - Vanessa Robins

Learn the main points that every agent looks for and the ones we hope to never see. Covering word count, comps, author bios, and just plain old following the guidelines. Join in this lightning round presentation to gain an honest, and sometimes brutal, perspective.

Healing Through Storytelling: Crafting Narrative Medicine - Angelica Recierdo

Not just for clinicians or patients but we all know there is a therapeutic element to writing. Illness can be sad, funny, insightful, and endearing and writing about it through the lens of oneself or through others makes for compelling non-fiction. If you are a creative clinician, this session can help you hone both sets of skills to be a more empathetic healer. Programs and workshops will be offered for those that want to incorporate this craft beyond the conference, as well as writing prompts and story shares.

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Reloading the Canon: On Being an Editor of Color - Athena Dixon

With such a highlight on the lack of diversity in the canon, what can editors and journals of color do to create a safe haven and a home for writers who are often marginalized? This discussion will give insight into the creation of Linden Avenue Literary Journal and provide a resource of other journals which have taken up the mantle of inclusion in publishing.

Adding a Practical Element - Nicole Frail

Sometimes creative nonfiction manuscripts get stuck in the pile of memoirs, true crime, and novel submissions editors and agents get on a daily basis. One of the best ways to make yours stand out is to add selling points. These can be facts or figures, but they can also be additional ways readers will find your book beneficial. Indexes, resources, recommended reading, quizzes, recipes—how can the reader take the story you’ve shared with them and apply it to his/her life?

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The Honest Composite Character - Hayli Cox

The idea of creative license is a debated one in the world of creative nonfiction, where memory is shifty and telling the truth with a lie hasn’t always gone over well. Although much discourse has surrounded the inclusion of fictional elements in the genre, few people are writing with or talking about composite characters. I’ll explore the blurring of the two genres and the necessity of composite characters in nonfiction to fill in the gaps of memory, and I hope to expand the discourse of creative nonfiction by suggesting that truth is not in the individual, but rather the transcendent collection of human experiences that such a character can most honestly represent.

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Modern Day Griots: The Art of Ghostwriting - Garrett Drew Ellis

Ghostwriters are the modern day Griots and Bards of old. They can be a valuable resource to many in need. In this session, you will learn about how to become a ghostwriter, why ghostwriting is needed, how to pull stories out of people and fashion them into unforgettable stories and how to gain the benefit of earning a living while doing so.

Getting Personal Among the News: Another Outlet for Creative Nonfiction - Jules Barrueco

Personal stories aren’t just for lit mags and full length memoirs, though many memoirists don’t think of newspapers as an outlet for their work.  Whether a daily or weekly, local or national, print or online, many readers are waiting to be engaged and entertained in between heavier news stories.  Knowing how to package and pitch your piece is key to breaking in.

Watching how professional and warm the staff and volunteers were, and how outstanding the entire conference was...impossible to believe it was the inaugural camp!
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