Multiplication and Division: Writing About One Experience Across Multiple Pieces (CREATE A3)

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Sometimes, we write, then move on. We’ve said all we need to say. Moving on to a new topic is often good advice. But sometimes, it’s not. Sometimes, sticking with one experience, theme, or topic that is fully absorbing, makes sense. Developing multiple pieces on one topic can be enriching for a writer, a great craft workout, and could help establish a niche.

Lisa will share her experience writing about her father’s death (to date resulting in publication in 13 literary journals and mainstream venues), and also look at how several successful contemporary writers have returned repeatedly, in essay and short memoir and narrative forms, to the same theme or experience.

You’ll also explore ways to make the same subject new again across different pieces. What changes, what remains? How do you know there’s more to say? How do you avoid repeating yourself? What submission and/or timing strategy best serves these pieces?

A generative in-session exercise is aimed at finding and refining different aspects of the same topic, so attendees will leave with kindling for several short pieces stemming from one significant personal experience or multi-layered theme.


Excellent! Impressed with speaker's knowledge and willingness to help individuals, during the conference and afterward! - from Lisa's 2015 session
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Location: Salon A Date: August 13, 2016 Time: 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm Lisa Romeo Lisa Romeo