The Writing Life: Rituals, Rhythms, & Practices (LIVE 2)

When you understand your unique creative process, you’ll be more relaxed, more prolific, and more consistent in your writing practice. In this session, we’ll examine how small rituals, regular rhythms, and intentional practice can help us to write more often and with more ease. We’ll cover a variety of tools for tapping into our creative energy and unleashing it in a sustainable way. We’ll look at some of the factors that impact our writing lives, such as our personality types, our physical surroundings, and our life’s constraints. Participants will identify and unravel the myth of the “real writer,” rethink what a good writing life means to them personally, and explore how their natural inclinations can be their creative allies (rather than their enemies). This session, which is based on Jenna’s online class of the same name, will empower writers to create a writing life they love (in the midst of the “real” life they currently have).

Breakout Sessions Live
Location: Salon D Date: August 13, 2016 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm jennifer-mcguiggan Jennifer McGuiggan