Welcome Program: Orientation & Opening Keynote (Ashley C. Ford, “Don’t Be a Hero”)

Welcome to HippoCamp!


During this opening program, members of the conference committee will give you a preview of the sessions, panels and other nuts-and-bolts information to help you plot your schedule and, gosh darn it, get you excited for the evening and next two and a half days! You’ll also hear from a few past HippoCamp attendees on how they made the most of the conference and some might even share some success stories that happened as a result of our creative nonfiction conference!

Opening Keynote – Ashley C. Ford – “Don’t Be a Hero”

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We’ll end the orientation session by kicking off the conference with an inspiring opening talk, “Don’t Be a Hero,” given by Ashley C. Ford:

As writers worry like never before about developing brands and platforms, it’s easy to believe people are made up of their most extreme behaviors or beliefs. As creative nonfiction writers, it is our duty to write the truth of humanity, avoiding caricatures, and telling real stories about real people.

We’ll save plenty of time at the end for a conversation and Q&A with Ashley.

Location: Heritage Ballroom Salon C Date: August 12, 2016 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:50 pm ashley c ford Ashley C. Ford