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  1. Joan Weaver says:

    Great conference. Lots of brain food. I submitted the surveys after each breakout session but have not been able to get the final survey to come up, so here is my rating.

  2. Christine Starr Davis says:

    I am SOOO glad I traveled all the way from Nebraska to attend this conference. It was a great way to jump start my CNF work after eight years of focusing on poetry. Breakfast was a little early for me…just adjusting by half an hour would have been great. I love to hear readers and I think it is one of the important fortifications of attendees to have a chance to read before a group of their peers. I think it would be awesome if there were more chances for readers. Maybe everyone attends one session in which they have a chance to read even if briefly — it would take a lot of space though, I guess to have room for that — if half the attendees wanted to read, you’d need small groups in many rooms at that time. Hmmmm? People’s hotel rooms? That too tricky? Or, there could be more than one open mic space Saturday night — if the conference used all 4 spaces, 4 times as many people could read! Thinking out loud here.

  3. Dave Young says:

    Hippocamp ’16 was my first writers conference, and boy does the next one I attend ever have a tall bar to clear. The venue was perfect, and the array of CNF talent that gathered for the event, speakers and attendees alike, could have been intimidating and overwhelming, especially to a barely published newbie to the genre like myself. Instead, a warm and inclusive atmosphere was extended to everyone. The workshop and breakout sessions I attended gave me real tools and contacts to use over a range of facets (writing, editing, marketing, publishing to name a few) and the panel discussions offered insights into the very definition of CNF and the responsibilities of CNF writers. Plus, the entire conference was FUN. I’m a happy Hippocamper.